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Integrated Health Sciences

This guide is intended to support integrated health sciences students - grad students, undergraduates and those completing certificate programs.

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Call Number Ranges

At UNLV Libraries, items are cataloged and shelved using Library of Congress classification. Here are the call number ranges for subject areas in Integrated Health Sciences. Use these call numbers to locate books in specific subject areas.

GV 201-555 Physical education and training
GV 557-1198.995 Sports of various types
GV 711 Coaching 
R 855-855.5 Medical technology 
R 856-859.7 Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation. Computer applications to medicine.
R 864-920 Medical records. Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine
RC 71-78.7 Examination. Diagnosis including radiography.
RC 620-627 Nutritional diseases. Deficiency diseases. 
RC 1200-1245 Sports medicine 
RD 792-811 Physical rehabilitation 
RJ 206-235 Nutrition and feeding of children and adolescents. 
RM 182-190 Other therapeutic procedures, including acupuncture. 
RM 214-258 Diet therapy. Dietary cookbooks.
RM 259 Vitamin therapy. 
RM 695-893 Physical medicine. Physical therapy, including massage, exercise, occupational therapy, radiotherapy.
RM 930-950 Rehabilitation therapy, rehabilitation technology. 

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