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This guide is intended to serve anthropology students - grad students, majors, minors, and those taking gen ed classes - in helping to locate important library resources.

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Call Number Ranges

At UNLV Libraries, items are cataloged and shelved using Library of Congress classification. Here are the call number ranges for subject areas in Anthropology. Use these call numbers to locate books in specific subject areas.

CC 1-960 Archaeology
E 51-74 Pre-Columbian America
E 75-100 Indians of North AMerica
GN 1-890 Anthropology
GR 1-950 Folklore
GT 1-9999 Manners & Customs (General)
HT 1501-1595 Races

Finding "monographs" of archaeological digs or excavations.

A monograph is a detailed written study of a single, very specialized subject. An archaeological monograph is a study of an archaeological excavation site. To locate monographs of archaeological excavations, use the Search the catalog box at the top of this page. Using the drop down menu, select "subject" and enter the search excavations archaeology, then click "search". You will be taken to a list of items cataloged under the subject excavations archaeology and then broken down alphabetically by regions, etc. Note at the top of the page that you can limit your search in various ways, including by time period.

Not all items will be descriptions of a unique archaeological site. You may come across archaeological surveys, personal narratives, and other general works on archaeological digs in a particular area.

Please note that you can search the catalog in a variety of ways using the tabs at the top of the search tool, e.g. subject, keywords, etc.

Examples of useful subject terms for monographs (books) of archaeological site reports for assignments are as follows:

You can also search for specific sites:

The name or type of archaeological site can be searched via Catalog Search by Keyword or Subject. Try both for a comprehensive search.

  • Danger cave
  • Lovelock Cave
  • Rockshelter

Limiting your results by time period, e.g.,  before 1959.

The easiest way to limit your results by time period is to look at the catalog description of the monograph. The date of publication will be indicated.

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