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NURS 313R: Nursing Care of the Adult-Medical Surgical Patient: Home

Nursing Care of the Adult Medical-Surgical Patient

Xan Goodman, Nursing, Integrated Health Sciences & Public Health Librarian

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Xan Goodman, SON, IHS, SPH, SDM Health Sciences Librarian
Lied Library
4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154
Office 1184

About this Guide

This guided is intended to help you with your library research. You will find journal article databases to help with your evidence-based practice assignment, or background information on evidence-based practice. 

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Tutorial for EBP

This tutorial is designed to introduce you to evidence-based practice. Take some time to study the tutorial before you begin your assignment. Developed by Duke University this tutorial will cover five units and takes approximately one hour to complete. It provides an overview of EBP and follows the ASK, ACQUIRE, APPRAISE, and Practice formula for clinical questions. As you go through this tutorial keep in mind that as a nurse and your goal is to use evidence to improve care at the bedside or otherwise for your patient.  


Top Five Nursing Databases

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