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Asian Studies

Welcome to the Asian Studies library guide. You will be able to access research materials and find information about library services and resources

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Quick Search will look for books, journal and magazine and newspaper articles and even materials from Special Collections. Searches will return many hits, sometimes too many.

A few tips for using Quick Search

  • Use the "Refine your search" tabs on the left hand side of the page
  • These tabs will allow you to limit by books, journal articles or to exclude newspaper articles
  • You can also limit to scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Also, notice in the results list, each entry has two small icons in the right hand corner
  • The icon with a box and a plus sign allows you to format and email the citiation

Find Books

Find Books

Locate books and other materials owned by the University Libraries. Quick Search will tell you the location of the book in the Libraries and the call number.  E-books are also listed.

General sources for philosophy and religion

Companion encyclopedia of Asian philosophy

Edited by Brian Carr and Indira Mahalingam

UNLV Bookstacks, 3rd floor

B 121. C66

Asian Religions: an illustrated introduction

Bardley K Hawkins

UNLV Bookstacks, 3rd Floor

BL 1033. H383

Great thinkers of the Eastern world

The major thinkers and the philosophical and religious classics of China, India, Japan, Korea, and the world of Islam

Edited by Ian P. McGreal

UNLV Bookstacks, 3rd Floor

B 5005. G74

Asian Studies General Sources

Lied Library has many books about Asian countries, including information about history, culture and politics. Here are few examples of general sources about Asia.

Encyclopedia of modern Asia

David Levinson, Karen Christensen, editors.

Intended for students and non-specialists, this six-volume set
does an outstanding job of covering all aspects of modern

UNLV Book Stacks  DS4 .E53 2002 v.1            
UNLV Book Stacks  DS4 .E53 2002 v.2              
UNLV Book Stacks  DS4 .E53 2002 v.3             
UNLV Book Stacks  DS4 .E53 2002 v.4             
UNLV Book Stacks  DS4 .E53 2002 v.5              
UNLV Book Stacks  DS4 .E53 2002 v.6 

Located on the 3rd Floor

Encyclopedia of China: the essential reference to China, its history and culture

Dorthy Perkins

UNLV Bookstacks DS705 .P47

Located on the 3rd Floor

Japan Encyclopedia

Louis Frédéric ; translated by Käthe Roth

UNLV Bookstacks DS821. F37

Located on the 3rd Floor

Research tips

Professors often ask students to use scholarly sources, but what exactly does that mean? This handout lists criteria to help you decide if a source is popular or scholarly

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