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This guide has library resources to help you with assignments and important information on nursing subject areas.

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At UNLV Libraries, items are cataloged and shelved using the Library of Congress classification.                  Here are the call number ranges for subject areas in Nursing.

Use these call numbers to locate books in specific subject areas:

RT 1-120 Nursing 
RT  23 Communication in Nursing 
RT  24 Nursing Writing 
RT 40-41 Medical-Surgical Nursing 
RT 48 Nursing Assessment and Diagnosis 
RT 49 Nursing Care Plans 
RT 50.5 Nursing Informatics 
RT 82-84 Nursing as a Profession 
RT 82.8 Nurse Practitioners
RT 83 Male Nurses
RT 84.5 Nursing Theory/Nursing Models 
RT 85 Nursing Ethics & Nursing Standards 
RT 86.54 Transcultural Nursing 
RT 89 Nursing Administration 
RT 97 Public Health Nursing 
RT 98 Community Health Nursing 
RT 120 .C45 Chronic Diseases 
RT 120 .E4 Emergency Nursing 
RT 120 .F34 Family Nursing 
RT 120 .I5 Intensive Care Nursing 

And here are additional related call number ranges: 

QM   Human Anatomy
R 120 Medical Atlases and Medical Dictionaries 
R 726.8 Hospice Care 
RC 266 Oncology Nursing 
RC 952-954.6 Geriatrics
RD 94 Wound Care 
RD 753 Orthopedic Nursing 
RG 951 Maternity Nursing 
RJ 245 Pediatric Nursing 
RM 216 Diet Therapy/Clinical Nutrition 
RM 301 Drug Guides 
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