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Makerspace 3D Printing Basics

This guide will lead you through the steps to 3D print a digital model using one of the UNLV Library Makerspace Lulzbot 3D Printers.

3D Printer File Setup

1. Login to a computer using your ACE ID.

2. Insert a SD card flashdrive
(you can pick one up from the front desk).

3. Open the Green Cura software
and drag your .OBJ or .STL file into the workspace.


4. Use the toolbar on the left to move, rotate, or scale your model.

5. Use the toolbar on the right to create your print settings:

✱ Select the Printer you will use.
We have Taz 6 and Workhorse models in the Studio.

✱ Select the PLA (Village Plastics) material.
This sets the temperature to work best with our PLA.

✱ Select the Profile you like.
High Detail will create a smoother model, but will take more time.

✱ Select the Infill (density).

✱ Select Generate Supports if your model has overhangs.


6. At the bottom right, note the estimated time and weight on your 3D print slip.

7. Save the file to your SD card.

8. Magnet your print slip to the front of the printer you are using.


3D Printer Loading and Startup


1. Turn on your 3D Printer,
and insert your SD card on the side, sensors facing you.

2. Click the Front Button for the Main Menu.
Select Change Filament, Load Filament,
then Preheat PLA.
Wait for the nozzle to preheat.


3. Hang your filament spool on the bar hanging off the right side of the printer.

4. Feed the filament end through the tube, and down through the top of the crossbars.

5. Loosen the locking guide where the filament enters.
Once the Printer beeps, you can load the filament end into the extruder.

6. Click the button to start purging filament.
Check to make sure it is slowly moving downward.
Tighten the guide around it with the thumbscrews.

7. Once the purging is finished, click Continue.
Remove the purged filament below the nozzle with wire cutters or pliers.

8. From the Main Menu, select Print from Media at the bottom
and choose your file.

9. Select Print. It can take several minutes to warm up and start printing.

10. Keep watch for the first few minutes in case any errors occur.

11. When your print is done and cooled down,
unload your filament just like in Step 2,
but select Unload Filament.


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