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COLA 100 "Achieving Success"

Information on the basics of college-level research, including exercises from Chapter 8 of _Achieving Success_.

Activity: Evaluating Websites

Practice your evaluation skills on the sources below.  Each addresses the question of whether cell phone usage is associated with increased rates of cancer.

American Cancer Society

New York Daily News

Discover Magazine

Be Brain Fit


CRAAP Test for Evaluating Information

Activity: Popular or Scholarly Articles

Consider the articles below.  Click on the link at the end of each citation, then find the PDF link to view the article.  Are the articles popular or scholarly?

Frey, William H. 1998. "The Diversity Myth." American Demographics 20 (6): 38-43.

Frey, William H.. 1996. “Immigration, Domestic Migration, and Demographic Balkanization in America: New Evidence for the 1990s.” Population and Development Review 22 (4): 741–63.

Chung, Rita Chi-Ying, and Fred Bemak. 2002. "Revisiting the california southeast asian mental health needs assessment data: An examination of refugee ethnic and gender differences." Journal of Counseling & Development 80 (1): 111-9.

Young, Marta Y. 2001. "Moderators of stress in salvadoran refugees: The role of social and personal resources." International Migration Review 35 (3): 840-69.

Lipman, Zada. 2002. "A dirty dilemma: The hazardous waste trade." Harvard International Review 23 (4): 67-71.

EXTRA CREDIT:  Frey, William H.  2003.  "Metropolitan Magnets for International and Domestic Migrants."  Washington, DC:  Brookings Institution Center on Urban & Metropolitan Policy.  Brookings Census 2000 Series.




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