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Rebel Debate Institute: Library Guides

A resource guide for the 2017 Rebel Debate Institute

Welcome RDI Students to UNLV Libraries!

This guide has been created to help you find immigration-related resources available through UNLV Libraries, in addition to reliable and credible websites!

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.


Is the source REAL or FAKE? You decide!

Check out these two sources on the Women's March. Which one would you consider fake news & which one is a reliable, credible source?


What is Fake News? Keys to Identifying It

Evaluating & Fact-Checking Your Sources Using the CRAAP Test

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

UNLV Libraries Databases

.Gov Sources to Help You with Research!

An easy way to find official government info & statistics is to type: after your keyword search. For example, if you type in:
immigration site:gov, you will find all government-related websites!

Keyword searching for debate topics

Whether you're searching through the library databases, Google Scholar, or regular Google, remember to try to narrow your search, using additional keywords.

For example, instead of searching just for the word immigration, try combining keywords and trying different synonyms:

  • immigration
  • immigration policy
  • DACA
  • family separation 
  • legal immigration 
  • refugees 
  • Dream Act
  • illegal aliens 
  • unauthorized immigration
  • sanctuary cities


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