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UNLV Political Science Faculty Publications: Introduction


The following guide contains links to a selection of publications - books, book chapters, and articles - by faculty in the Political Science Department, organized alphabetically by first author last name. In some cases, we have the physical copy in the library or access to the ebook; in other cases we do not yet have access. Your liaison librarian, Heidi Johnson, is working towards buying more books by our own faculty, and you may always request a subscription to a particular journal title, if we do not currently have access. You may contact her at

Note: This guide is still in progress, and we will eventually add publications by all faculty in the department and eventually make it more thorough (including all, or nearly all, of your publications). I will also eventually add a description of areas of expertise in the department; and if you have any other ideas for this guide, please contact me. A special thanks to Yessica Martinez and Manuela Bowles for their work helping to create this guide.

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