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PBH 165: Personal Health Across the Lifespan

This guide supports instruction for first-year public health students enrolled in PBH165. Students may use this guide to assist with locating peer reviewed articles and valid internet resources to support their final presentation.

Which database should you use?

Selecting a database or internet resource depends on your purpose. Below are a few factors to consider:

  •  Does your assignment require peer-reviewed articles?
  •  Do you need to focus on a public health only?
  •  Or a general health related topic?
  •  Would you like to use a database that creates an automatic citation in the citation style required for your assignment?
  •  Do you want to email your search results to yourself?

I can help you select a resource that best suits your needs. Click the link under my avatar to make an appointment!


Introductory Health Sciences Resources

Introductory Health Sciences Databases


PLEASE NOTE: The list of searchable databases below is introductory to the health sciences. Most of the journal articles will be available to you in full-text.

How to find articles

APA Style Guide Help

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