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Honors 110 Holland : Library Guides

Resources for research for your Honors 110 projects.

Your assignment

You will be doing research on a historical disaster from a particular humanities perspective:  art, literature, history, philosophy, music, etc.

You will be presenting this research in two projects:

  • A collaborative slide presentation as a group of four.  Each group member will research the disaster from a different humanities perspective.  Each group member will contribute four sources to the presentation.  All sources should be reliable (see Dr. Holland's powerpoint on reliable sources), but they can be either popular or scholarly.
  • A research paper of four to five pages, supported by six to eight sources.

If you found a source that seems promising, but you're not sure if it meets the criteria, feel free to consult with Mark or Dr. Holland.  

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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Problems with online access?

Consult with Mark the Librarian

Working with students on their research is by far the best part of my job.  We have several options for working together:

  • Email me at
  • We can talk over the phone (email me first, and I'll share my contact info).
  • UNLV provides nice Webex conferencing software, which is basically like Facetime or Skype but with more options for sharing information.  We can also chat through Google Hangouts. Use the "schedule appointment" button on the left to find a time that works for you, and I will be in touch to make arrangements for our web meeting.

For more options for assistance, see


Starting Points

To decide which disaster you want to write about and to get an overview, take a look at these resources:

Natural Disasters: A Reference Handbook by Newton is a great place to find a disaster to write about or to get some background on the disaster you have chosen.  The "Background" and "Chronology" chapters provide profiles of disasters throughout history.  To use this e-book, the system will make you check it out for a one-day loan.  That's ok -- in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the publisher has opened up access to its ebooks.  Several people should be able to access it at once, but if that's not the case, please let Mark know.

Finding Articles

Finding Books (including E-books)

Need images? Check out ARTstor

Questions about citing your sources?

University Libraries citations and bibliographies resources.

Also, see the Modern Languages Association's Guide to Citing Generative AI (like Chat-GPT).

For more on using AI in research, see this guide to "Using Generative AI for Research" from USC Libraries.

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