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Honors 100 Holland: Library Guides

Research resources for your annotated bibliography and final project.

Your assignment

From Dr. Holland:

You will pick a serious topic and can be researched through Lied Library. The best topics are ones that you have always been interested in learning more about or topics related to your major. Previous semesters students have researched the bioethics of designer babies, the reliability of Bit Coin as currency or investment, the viability of Elon Musk's hyper-loop,and the scam of loot boxes in games. 

No crackpot theories: For example, the moon landing was faked; aliens abduct people for experimentation; there is no climate change, dangers of contrails; no Sandy Hook massacre of children and teachers; the universe is a hologram; the Earth is flat (can you name others?). Crackpot theories include fake news. Use ONLY scholarly or popular resources accessed through Lied Library or approved by Dr. Holland and/or librarians.

Also, avoid topics that are worn out such as gun control, abortion, mistreatment of animals, GMOs, etc. Pick topics that are fresh and interesting.

Research Paper: 

  1. 8-10 sources; one half scholarly, one half popular. Scholarly sources are always edited and peer reviewed. Popular sources have been reviewed by editors, but not necessarily evaluated by experts in the field. Scholarly sources include Science, JAMA, and Journal of Molecular Biology, as examples. Popular sources include Time Magazine, Newsweek, and National Geographic, as examples. Newspapers are popular sources IF they have an editorial board. Sources that are not credible for your research paper are .orgs, blogs, QAnon, etc. 

  2. 2000-2500 words, not including works cited/bibliography (8-10 pages of text).

  3. Elements: Introduction including Thesis, Review of Literature, Findings (what do your sources say?), Conclusion. 

  4. MLA style

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Consult with Mark the Librarian

Working with students on their research is by far the best part of my job.  We have several options for working together:

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  • We can talk over the phone (email me first, and I'll share my contact info).
  • UNLV provides nice Webex conferencing software, which is basically like Facetime or Skype but with more options for sharing information.  We can also chat through Google Hangouts. Use the "schedule appointment" button on the left to find a time that works for you, and I will be in touch to make arrangements for our web meeting.

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Starting Points

Starting with a background source can help you decide what aspect of your topic is most interesting for you to research further.  It can also help you learn the terminology that other researchers use to describe your topic.  Finally, many background sources will suggest additional sources for you to consult.

Finding Books (including E-books)

Finding Articles

Questions about citing your sources?

The Library has collected some helpful resources on this page.

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