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Graphic Medicine

An introduction to the genre of comics as health narrative and medical commentary with links to webcomics and a list of graphic novel titles in the UNLV Libraries.

What is Graphic Medicine?

Graphic Medicine is a growing subset of narrative medicine where comics, or graphic narratives, are used in health sciences education and patient care.

Comics can be as short as one frame or as long as graphic novels, stand-alone entities or integrated into longer narrative pieces, on the web or in print, and formally published, part of a zine, or self-published on personal web space.

The Webcomics page is dedicated to collecting and displaying links to online graphic medicine resources. The page will be updated as new links are discovered, so check back often! If you know of any online comics dealing with health, please send them along - they can be on personal or hosted websites, or on instagram, tumblr, twitter, etc.

In addition, the School of Medicine Library has a collection of graphic medicine novels ocated at the InfoCommons for browsing and reading. You can check the titles out for a week.

National Library of Medicine Online Exhibit

Learn more by visiting the National Library of Medicine's online exhibit below. Don't forget to click the link for Exhibit Collections at the bottom of the homepage in order to view excerpts and discussions about a a small sample of the many titles available.

colorful banner image for the NLM exhibit, Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn. Image links to the online exhibit.


The following are websites that collect information on medical-related comics, and often provide reviews.

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