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Graduate Workshops from UNLV Libraries

UNLV Libraries offers a series of workshops especially for graduate students. We introduce skills, resources, and tools that will enhance your productivity as a researcher.


We had to cancel many of our graduate workshops due to the coronavirus epidemic. Some facilitators have shared readings and related resources for their workshop topics.  We have collected these materials below for you to use.  If you have any questions about the materials, please consult the facilitators listed under each workshop.  If you have questions about this guide or about the workshop series, please contact Mark Lenker at

Introduction to Systematic Reviews (March 26, 2020)

Have you heard about systematic reviews and are not sure where to start? In this introductory session, you will learn what a systematic review is and is not, learn about the systematic review process, and consider reporting standards commonly applied to those reviews. 



Resources for Responding to Reviewer Comments (March 27, 2020)

Ever wonder what reviewers are suppose to be looking for when they review your work and how to interpret their comments? In this session you will learn how reviewers assess work and some strategies to make their comments useful.



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