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Financial Literacy for College Students: Library Guides

Resources on college savings plans, prepaid tuition, and education savings accounts. In addition, you will find resources on financial literacy, financial decision-making, investments, and insurance.

General Starting Points--Financial Preparedness for College

Of course, you can find a great deal of information just searching keywords such as "college savings plan," "prepaid tuition programs," etc.  on Google--but be sure to evaluate the site to determine its credibility by paying attention to the author, the purpose, how current the site has been updated, how accurate the information is, etc. Below are a few links to get you started.

Government-Related Resources on College Savings Plans

An easy way to find government information on Google--after you type in your keywords, then type in site:gov.

Example: "college savings plans"

Research on Financial Preparedness for College & Financial Literacy

Some scholarly article examples:

Finding News Stories on Financial Preparedness for College, Financial Literacy, etc.

Financial Literacy Resources

Financial Decision-Making

Investment Resources

Insurance Resources

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