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Fake News: What is Fake News

What is fake news and how to identify it

What is Fake News

What is Fake News

--Information written and published that is incomplete, manipulated, or entirely untrue, with the intent to mislead or misinform the targeted audience.

Is it Fake News or Not? How To Check

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Types of Fake News

Satire: A humorous imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing for the purpose of ridicule.

The Onion

The Borowitz Report

Fake News Sites: Misleading sites that may, at a glance, look legitimate but instead provides fragmented or false information. These sites generate revenue from the ads you see on the page.

Real News Right Now

Clickbait and Hoaxes: Contain a mix of truth and made-up details to create an emotional response, typically anger or fear. These stories contain eye-catching, outrageous headlines in all capital letters. They are unreliable and most commonly spread through social media. 


What is Fake News? Keys to Identifying It

How to Identify Fake News

Resources to Help Spot Fake News

Not Everything You See Is What It Seems

Make sure to hold a skeptical mind in all elements of a story. In fake news, photos can often be edited to fit the story. In the picture below, the flowers are doctored to look as though they grew that way in Fukushima, Japan.

Test Your Knowledge on Fake News

Can You Identify Fake News?

Unsure about Fake News? Ask A Librarian

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