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COLA 100LA Kassner: Library Guides

Suggestions for research about the university

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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Browse (don't read word for word) each of the three examples below.  For each example:

  • Try to figure out which questions this type of information could help you learn more about? Does it tell you something about UNLV directly, or do you need to make the connections between the information and your UNLV question?
  • What can you tell about the author or agency who wrote the article?  What makes them worth taking seriously?
  • What can you tell about where each article got its information?

News article

Example: Counseling Center Evolves with Holistic Approach to Mental Health

How I found it:

Science Journalism

Example: Report: College Students Taking Fewer Credit Hours Than Before (Download the pdf to get the full effect.)

How I found it:

  • Use the QuickSearch search box to search for pandemic AND "college students" .
  • Use the filter for Magazines (found under Format on the right).

Scholarly journal article

Example: Deciphering the sophomore slump: changes to student perceptions during the undergraduate journey (View the pdf to get the full effect)

How I found it:

  • Use the QuickSearch search box to search for dropouts AND "college students" AND belonging.
  • Use the filter for Peer reviewed Journal articles (found under Show Only on the right).
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