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Use this guide to find resources related to the College of Education First Year Seminar

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Samantha Godbey
LLB 1174
Subjects: Education, Psychology

Library Session Handouts

Handouts from COE 103 library session.


Hi, there!

I'm Samantha Godbey, the Education Librarian here at UNLV. I used to be a high school English teacher myself, so I love working with the College of Education. As your librarian, I'm here to help you navigate the many resources and services we offer through the UNLV Libraries. 

I can help you with locating materials, identifying search strategies, refining research topics, dealing with citations, and just about any other library- or research-related question you can think of. I'm here to help. In fact, we have a team of folks in the library who work with the College of Education.

Hopefully you'll meet me or one of our staff soon in one of your classes, but feel free to stop by and say hi. My office is on the first floor of Lied Library, but I'm often over at the Teacher Development and Resources Library (TDRL) on the first floor of CEB.

I've put together this guide to support your work in this course. Please explore, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. You can reach me via email or schedule a phone or virtual appointment using the "Schedule Appointment" link below my picture.


UNLV Libraries

There are five libraries on the UNLV campus. If you end up majoring in education, you will likely use two more than the others.  You can access the UNLV Libraries databases and online resources from either.

Lied Library

Located on E Harmon Ave, Lied is the main campus library. Here you'll find access to our digital and physical collections, a variety of study spaces, a multimedia design lab, and more. Most education-related books can be found on the 4th floor.

Teacher Development and Resources Library (TDRL)

Located in the Carlson Education Building, the TDRL exists as a resource for teachers. It includes resources such as professional materials (books on lesson planning, classroom management, etc.); collections of children's literature, from picture books to young adult; and a teacher prep room (with a large-scale printer for posters). This is also the library that offers the discounted poster printing program for COE 103 and 202.

LIBRARY SESSION ACTIVITY: Different Types of Sources


In your small group, review the following sources and discuss:

  1. What type of source is this?
  2. Would you consider it a scholarly publication?
  3. What can this kind of source be used for?

Source 1:

Hartmann, M. E., & Prichard, J. R. (2018). Calculating the contribution of sleep problems to undergraduates' academic success. Sleep Health, 4(5), 463-471.

Source 2:

Sparks, S. D. (2019). How School Lunch, Bedtime Can Shape Student Success. Education Week, 38(25), 10.

Source 3:

Carter, P., & Berkley, A. (2018). College Student Sleep: Does it Change Over the Semester? Sleep, 41, A272-A272.

Source 4:

Gallego-Gómez, J. I., González-Moro, M. T. R., González-Moro, J. M. R., Vera-Catalán, T., Balanza, S., Simonelli-Muñoz, A. J., & Rivera-Caravaca, J. M. (2021). Relationship between sleep habits and academic performance in university nursing students. BMC Nursing, 20(1), 1-100.

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