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Civic Engagement and Voting: Get Involved

This guide shares resources and strategies for learning about socio political issues in order to vote or otherwise participate in civic discourse. It also details local resources for getting involved as well at UNLV and local events.

Get Involved

Civic engagement can often be promoted at the national level, but there are also enriching ways to enact meaningful change at the regional and local levels, too. The resources on this page offer ways to get involved at UNLV and in your local communities.

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Get Involved: UNLV

There are many ways for you to express your civic duty as a student at UNLV. Here is a sample of campus groups and organizations where you can engage on campus:

UNLVolunteers - UNLVolunteers is designed to be a resource for students, staff, and community members by connecting them to community service opportunities and to promote a culture of civic engagement at UNLV.

CSUN Student Government - CSUN Student Government is the autonomous representative governing body of the undergraduate student population of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This well-sustained organization is maintained by three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. 

Rebel Initiatives of UNLV - The mission of Rebel Initiatives of UNLV is to design and support initiatives for positive change that will improve our campus as a whole, initiatives that will increase the rates of graduation and enhance the life of UNLV students.

Service Learning and Leadership - This is the main page for UNLV curated with resources, information, and opportunities for civic and community engagement. This page hosts detailed information on the following civic engagement opportunities and more:

  • UNLV Community Garden: Apply for a space in the garden to create community, adopt sustainable practices, and learn more about organic gardening.
  • Alternative Breaks: Like Spring Break, but for a cause! Take a trip with student leaders, staff, and peers to engage meaningfully during breaks in the academic year.
  • GivePulse: a platform UNLV community members can use to connect with local nonprofits and track their impact.

Lastly, check out the UNLV calendar for campus-wide events and engagements year-round.

Image source: Pew Research Center. (2018). Survey of U.S. adults conducted Jan. 29-Feb. 13,2018 [Infographic].

Get Involved: Locally

5 ways to get involved with your community

1. Volunteer as an election worker - Poll workers are paid volunteers who serve on election day and/or during the 14 days of early voting. Clark County is currently looking for poll workers especially those who are bilingual.

2. Know your representative - Knowing who your representatives and potential representatives are is important! This allows you to research where they stand on issues and can help inform whether or not you want to vote for them.

3. Attend City Council meetings - Attending city council meetings is a great way to learn about issues in your community and what elected officials are planning, what issues they are dealing with, or what they are proposing.

  • City of Las Vegas Latest News - The City of Las Vegas website allows you to see upcoming events happening in the City of Las Vegas including City Council meeting dates. If you cannot attend a council meeting or want to see past agendas, meeting minutes, and audio/video of previous meetings City of Las Vegas Meetings and Agendas provides those resources. 

4. Vote - Voting, including in elections outside of presidential elections, is one of the most significant ways we can contribute to our communities. 

  • - allows you to check if you are registered to vote, register to vote, get an absentee ballot, and get election reminders
  • Nevada Secretary of State Voters - The Nevada Secretary of State Voters website provides information about voting specific to Nevada residents.

5. Volunteer - Volunteering is another way for a person to be engaged with their community. Whether the volunteering is political in nature or not, it is still civic engagement and a good way to get involved in issues you care about.

  • - is a website that will help you find volunteer opportunities near you.

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