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Digital Scholarship@UNLV

This guide will tell you more about UNLV's open access institutional repository, Digital Scholarship@UNLV

Why Deposit My Full-Text Articles in Digital Scholarship@UNLV

There are many benefits to you and society by having your works available in Digital Scholarship@UNLV. Submitting your full-text works to us will:

  • Increase visibility and access to your research.  Digital Scholarship@UNLV is optimized to rank high in relevant google searches, so a researcher searching for topics related to your scholarship is more likely to discover your work.  In addition, articles are freely available (and not behind a publisher pay wall), allowing a visitor to download and read your work with ease.
  • Provide insight into the use and reach of your scholarship.  Each month, you will receive a personalized readership report, detailing the number of downloads and location of visitors, indicating the global impact of your scholarship.
  • Preserve and provide access to your research for future generations.  The UNLV Libraries is committed to providing stable, long-term access for your research. So you can rest assured that when you or others need access to the article, it will be there.

How Can I Submit Full-Text of My Works?

Our repository is open access, and we’re very much interested in adding the full-text articles to the records in the UNLV Bibliography.  We make it easy for you to submit your works. To begin, email us with a copy of your CV at or utilize our submissions page to submit individual full-text works.

Digital Scholarship@UNLV is a copyright compliant repository, and we adhere to the terms of publisher agreements as documented in Sherpa Romeo.

Benefits of an Institutional Repository

The primary purpose of Digital Scholarship@UNLV, and institutional repositories like it, is to make the full-text of works produced by scholars at a university freely available and discoverable to anyone with an internet connection (what is open access?). This ensures scholars, students, taxpayers, potential collaborators, and others can find and have access to the research they need or want, and in turn broadens the audience for authors, encouraging additional use of the work and citations to it.

Another purpose of a repository is to help institutions highlight the research and creative activities accomplished locally. Just as abstracting and indexing databases cover specific subjects (think of CINAHL, Engineering Village, or the MLA International Bibliography), Digital Scholarship@UNLV does something similar but is based on institutional affiliation rather than discipline.  The library showcases the research at UNLV by including records for scholarly and creative works by faculty members. 

Many research institutions (how many?) have robust repositories, which hold open access copies of accepted manuscripts and in some cases, final published versions of articles.  We encourage UNLV authors to share their research widely and populate the UNLV Bibliography (and Digital Scholarship@UNLV) with the full-text of their works.

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