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Digital Scholarship@UNLV

This guide will tell you more about UNLV's open access institutional repository, Digital Scholarship@UNLV

How do I add my Citations to the Bibliography?

If your works are not listed and you would like your citations added to the UNLV Bibliography, email us at digitalscholarship@unlv.eduBy including your citations in UNLV’s institutional repository, you are helping us showcase the scholarly and creative output of UNLV scholars to the world.  

We are also hoping that you are willing to add your full-text works to the records in the UNLV Bibliography.  Find more information about how to do this in the "How Can I Submit Full-Text Works" section of the Participating in Digital Scholarship@UNLV page of this guide.

Recent additions to the UNLV Bibliography

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What is the UNLV Bibliography?

The UNLV University Libraries is now publishing the UNLV Bibliography, a showcase and record of the scholarly and creative output of UNLV researchers. This project will preserve, increase discoverability, and provide additional access to UNLV research while enhancing the visibility of UNLV faculty and increasing the impact of their work. 

The project launched in 2015 with a list of entries covering works published in that year. The University Libraries will continue to update the UNLV Bibliography to build a comprehensive and current bibliography reflecting the full scope of research and creative activities at the university. 

The UNLV Bibliography is published in Digital Scholarship@UNLV, our university institutional repository. Entries come from three sources: works listed by faculty in Digital Measures as publications or intellectual contributions, works obtained from citation databases, and those added at the request of individual faculty members or academic units. Once faculty works are added to the UNLV Bibliography, they are notified via email.

Screenshot of the UNLV Bibliography

How are Citations Compiled?

For 2015 and 2016 scholarship, we received a list of publications/intellectual contributions from reports derived from Digital Measures.  The citations themselves were pulled from the “Publications/Intellectual Contributions” section in your Digital Measures account.  The UNLV Bibliography only includes contributions with a current status of "published." Contributions with the status of "in preparation", "submitted", "revising to resubmit", "not accepted" or "accepted" are not included.

The administrator for Digital Measures supplied the Libraries with a publication list of faculty who have a “yes” next to the statement “I agree to share my publications added to the institutional repository maintained by the University Libraries.” This statement can be found in the “Personal and Contact Information” section in your Digital Measures account.  



Beginning in 2017, the University Libraries have also begun obtaining citations from citation databases such as Scopus and Web of Science. These additional sources will allow the Libraries to continually post faculty scholarship throughout the year, moving towards our goal of creating a comprehensive and current bibliography that showcases the full scope of research and creative activities at UNLV.


Digital Measures


Digital Measures at UNLV

Digital Measures is a secure and easy-to-use online information management tool for academic faculty members to organize, track, and report on their instructional, research, creative, clinical, service, and other professional activities. 

Digital Measures is now the preferred method of faculty activity reporting at UNLV. There are a number of important reasons why the University is seeking to accelerate the institution-wide adoption of this digital system. Primary among them is an improved ability to quantify faculty activities in order to promote and support the wide range of scholarly work and expertise on our campus.

Log into Digital Measures at UNLV

How Faculty Are Notified

For the 2015 and 2016 Bibliographies, faculty were contacted via email once the entire Bibliography collection was published. Beginning with the 2017 Bibliography, faculty will start to receive emails from the University Libraries as their citations are included in the collection. The UNLV Bibliography will continue to be organized into annual collections and records are still included in your department's collection, so if you are in the Anthropology department, your works will appear in the Anthropology collection as well as in that year's Bibliography. These emails are sent out each month by Scholarly Communications Initiatives.

Of course, we would still appreciate having the full-text of your scholarship to pair with the listing of your work. For more information about adding your full-text works to records in the UNLV Bibliography, visit the "How Can I Submit Full-Text Works" section of the Participating in Digital Scholarship@UNLV page of this guide.

To browse our collections by Research Unit, Center, or Department, visit this link: 

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