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Audio Production: Getting Started

Tips, tools, and inspiration to start recording podcasts or music.


Welcome to the Audio Production guide!

In this guide, you will find resources, tools, and inspiration to help you start the process of recording and editing audio. You will also be provided with a step-by-step guide to creating a podcast or recording a song. 

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Table of Contents

On the Podcasting tab

  • Planning your podcast
  • Podcast planning template
  • Podcast outline and template
  • Campus resources for podcast technology
  • Scripting a podcast and post-editing tips

On the Music tab

  • Preparing for a music project
  • Songwriting Tips and video examples
  • Technology resources for music production
  • General recording and editing tips

On the Discover tab

  • Next steps
  • Software available 
  • Tutorials
  • Inspiration for podcasts/music production

Audio Production Help

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David Ramos-Candelas

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About Audio Production

Audio production is a broad term that refers to the creation of music, podcasts, and any other project that deals with recording sound. In this guide, you will learn the basic steps to creating your own podcast and/or your own song.


Whether you are making a song or recording a podcast, planning will help you attain the best results. Planning will take different forms depending on what kind of audio production you are creating.

  • Podcasting

Create a script or compile interview questions for your guests. Write down prompts for discussion and think about how much time you will spend on each topic.

  • Music Recording

Make some short notes on the structure of the song. Rehearse each part that you will be recording.

  • Editing

You will need to edit your audio recording or compile multiple tracks into a coherent whole. You may want to clean up the audio or record an introduction to add to your project.


There are a lot of terms that you will need to know when working on an audio production. Let's start by explaining some the vocabulary you may see in the various tutorials and tools.

Automation - timeline of selected effects/ faders that is applied in the post-production process.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) - Digital software used to record and edit audio.

Equalizer - Audio tool that allows for the manipulation of a wide range of frequencies.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) - A computer language that allows controllers and software to link and transfer musical information.

Noise Gate - Filter that cuts out background noise at a certain threshold. 

Podcast - Series of talk shows that can be streamed and downloaded online.

Post-production - Editing process that follows the recording stage and aims at creating a well polished finished product.

Time Mark - Side note that relates the specific time a certain topic or event will be discussed during a podcast.

Track - An audio channel that holds one or more sounds.

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