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Creative Commons: Share

Creative Commons licenses and resources for creating, sharing, and discovering content.

Why Share with Creative Commons?

As a creator, you hold the rights to your work. However, if you want to allow others to display, share, and remix your work for their own uses, Creative Commons gives you the tools to choose how they may do so.

Why would you want to give others the right to use your original work?

  • Exposure - Sharing your work and allowing others to legally use it increases your audience.
  • Community - As a member of a community of creators, you can contribute to the distribution of new ideas.
  • Collaboration - Allowing others to remix your work opens the door to interesting and beneficial partnerships between creators.

- adapted from the article What is Creative Commons, and should you use it?

Choosing a License

The easiest way to find a creative commons that is right for your work is to utilize the "Choose a License" page via the Creative Commons Web site.  After clicking on several answers, you can have your license selected and ready in less than a minute!

Collaboration and Creative Commons

Watch a video about the collaborative nature of Creative Commons.

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