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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Collect your own data

Want to collect your own data? Here's what you'll need.


ArcMAP or ArcGIS


What if I want an ArcMAP license on my own computer?

  • Are you taking a course that uses GIS? Ask your instructor to fill this form to request free licenses for students.
  • Not in a course? Purchase a license for your computer.


I don't know how to use ArcMAP or ArcGIS! Is there a way I can get training?

Yes! You can get online training via ESRI's training website - just create a free account. Most of the training is free, but If you need access to advanced courses request access from UNLV OIT


What if I took a course but still have a question about specific functionality of ArcGIS/ArcMAP?

Email me at 

Is there an open source GIS software?

Yes! Check out QGIS

What can I use to create simple maps?


Need to collect data in the field?

Check out ESRI Collector and Explorer apps. You will need advanced license permission to use these apps.

~ The library does not carry handheld GPS devices ~


What if all I have is a bunch of addresses?

Use the U.S. Census Geocoder to convert them to geographic coordinates you can map. 

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