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Getting Started with Venngage (Infographics)

This is the accompanying guide to the infographics workshop


Pictograms (or pictographs) are icons that are used to represent data, usually used in a group to represent a data set.

Click on Icon Charts Select the icon you would like to use - just like you select a single icon.

For example, let's say that the statistic we would like to present in the pictogram is "4 out of 5 librarians recommend using PubMed". We'll search for a computer, then click on the icon we want to add it to the workspace.


By default, Venngage will add 25 icons on a 5x5 matrix.

Change the number, percentage of each color, and the colors for each category by using the functional menu.



Final result...

Learn more about Pictograms and how to create them be visiting this blog.

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