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HIST 462/662, French Revolution (Brown): Secondary Sources

Books and Journal Articles

Secondary sources. Journal articles written by historians published in scholarly journals. 

Journals that specialize in French history

Secondary sources. Collections of scholarly journals that include history journals along with journals from other academic disciplines.

Indexes that list citations for scholarship published on a topic. Use the UNLV Find Text button to find out if the full article is available online or request a PDF delivered to your email via ILLiad.  

Web resources

Book reviews

UNLV's Library Quick Search is an excellent place to look for reviews of a book - try putting the title in quotation marks and adding the author's last name. 

"queen of fashion" weber

You can use the Reviews filter on the right for book reviews in all publications or use the Peer-Reviewed Journals filter for reviews for academic audiences.


types of review:

Capsule reviews: brief evaluative summaries of the scope and main idea of a book - Library Journal, Choice, Publishers Weekly (example)

Popular reviews: for general readers, often by a reviewer selected because of their expertise or opinion - NY Times Book Review, The Atlantic, London Review of Books (example)

Analytic reviews: An expert in the field critiques a single book (example)

Synthetic reviews: An expert in the field selects several recent (~5 years) books on one topic and writes an essay comparing and contrasting them, often suggesting areas for future research (example)


Subject headings in the library catalog

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