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Quick Search (catalog): Search

Learn to use Quick Search to find books, journal articles, newspaper articles and more.

Basic Searching

Choose your search option using the pull down to the right of the search box. The default is to search everything, which includes books, articles, digital collections and more from Lied Library and all UNLV branch libraries. 

Just type in your keywords or search terms and press enter to begin your search. If you prefer you can click on "ADVANCED SEARCH" next to the search box.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search allows you to set limits prior to running your search.  You can limit the scope of the search (which library it is searching), the material type (books, articles, journals, images, audio visual), the language, or publication date.  You can also search specific fields (title, author, subject, course). 

Refine My Results

Quick Search allows you to narrow your results by selecting categories on the right hand side of the screen after you run your search. Popular limiters include Peer-reviewed Journals (under Availability), Date, Format (books, articles, newspaper articles, etc.), and Library (Lied, Architecture, Music, Teacher Development & Resource Library). You can also exclude items from your search by hovering beyond the item you want to exclude and clicking on the checkmark with a line through it .


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