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JOUR 435: Mass Communication Research Methods (Kilker): Data Sources for Jounalism

Data-related resources for journalism

Finding Data & Statistics on Google

Searching on Google is a great place to begin for looking for statistics. In order to obtain official and reliable data, you can limit your sources to government websites by typing after your keywords.

crime statistics
recycling data

UNLV Libraries - Data & Statistics Resource Guide

UNLV Libraries Databases Focusing on Data

Government and .Org Data Web Resources

Nevada, Clark County, Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas Data Resources

Example: Halloween Statistics

Your editor has asked you to write a Halloween feature. Where will you find some interesting national data/statistics on the holiday & other info about Halloween-related items or activities?



Health--Finding Data on Exercise & Fitness

Your latest feature story from your editor is about exercise and fitness, encouraging people to get out and move! What percentage of Americans regularly exercise? What kinds of data exist on the topic? Look into demographics, region, etc.


Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.

Business--Finding Data on Smartphones

Your editor has assigned you to write an article on smartphones. In addition to informing your readers about the latest and greatest smartphones for this year & the near future, you need some great facts about smartphone users, the current market, etc.

Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.

Finding Statistics on Children in Poverty

You've been assigned to investigate child poverty on a national and local level. Find the most recent child poverty rates on a local and national level. How do the statistics compare?

Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.

Finding Data on Veterans

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11. Along with interviewing veterans, you will need to inform you audience about veterans' statistics. Find both national and state/local statistics on veterans.  Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.

Finding Data on Education (Grad/Dropout Rates, Educational Attainment, etc.)

You're the new education reporter. A recent Las Vegas Review Journal article stated that the Clark County School District (CCSD) has posted incremental gains in their overall graduation rates. What are the current rates? Look into the history of CCSD graduation rates over the last 5-10 years. What has happened? 

How do the CCSD graduation rates compare to national figures? 

Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.

Employment Statistics

As the new employment/labor journalist, you need to investigate the following: What is Nevada's current unemployment rate? How does it compare to national averages? What are some of the current average hourly wages for various jobs in the Las Vegas area? 


 Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.


You just landed a feature assignment in the real estate section of your local newspaper. Find data on the average rent in Las Vegas. How does this compare to the national average? What about other cities?

What's the median monthly mortgage payment in Las Vegas? How does this compare to the national average?

Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.





You've been assigned to report on crimes in the state of Nevada. Find the most recent and historic crime info for Violent Crimes,  Total Property Crimes, Total Index Crimes, and Crime Rate for various cities in Southern Nevada.

Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.


Cause of Deaths--National & Local Statistics

You've been assigned a three-part series on health, including mortality on a local and national level. What are the leading causes of death in the US by age group? What about the leading causes in Las Vegas?

Find at least 2 statistics/data resources.


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