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JMS 708: Journalism and Media Studies Colloquium (Kilker): Fall 2017 Research Abstracts--Suggested Additional Starting Points

Journalism-related resources & individual information & resource suggestions for students

Shi-Quan: How the media and sports journalism depict athletes (and I think I want to specifically look at NBA players) and how that influences the audience to view them in that way". So, basically how much influence they have and how close to reality the

Ariana: Aim to examine the symbiotic relationship between children’s literature and city landmarks. Discovering how they subsequently affect one another as well as a cities tourism and its urban design.

David: Examining the representation of fascism, white supremacy and Nazism - and the popular response to those movements - in American film and popular culture from 1940 to the present day. I will be studying the frequency of these themes, noting w

Madi: My research will focus on how the use of digital marketing media impacts music festivals in relation to current tourism trends, and in what ways does this shape today’s millennials?

Caylee: In recent years, celebrities have taken on the role of becoming advocates for social issues through their social media platforms, which has allowed these issues to become a topic of focus for the public. Analysis of celebrities and their s

Elisa: With my thesis I am examining the question of how sports, especially American Football (professional and college), shapes and influences the American society. Here for, I am taking a closer look at several factors that have to be consid

Stephanie--In this study I am examining how hate crimes are portrayed by the media on both the national and the regional (Nevada) level. This is important because there is some sort of filtering of what hate crimes should get coverage or more coverage tha

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