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HIST 476, The Mexican Revolution (Melton-Villanueva): Library Guides

Primary Sources - Mexican Revolution

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Printed sources, Mexican Revolution

Books and government reports published at the time or by participants and eyewitnesses, all freely available online via HathiTrust.

"Red papers" of Mexico by Mexican bureau of information

 Diplomat's Wife in Mexico by Edith O'Shaughnessy  Letters from the American embassy at Mexico city, covering the dramatic period between October 8th, 1913, and the breaking off of diplomatic relations on April 23rd, 1914, together with an account of the occupation of Vera Cruz

Diplomatic Dealings of the Constitutionalist Revolution of Mexico by Mexican Foreign Office

Experiences and observations of an American Consular Officer during the Recent Mexican Revolutions by Will B. Davis, M. D. as Mainly told in a Series of Letters written by the Author to his Daughter.

Facts submitted by the Committee of the American colony to President Wilson and Secretary of State Bryan by Committee of the American Colony (Mexico City, Mexico) relative to the Mexican situation and the record of the Hon. Henry Lane Wilson.

Investigation of Mexican Affairs by United States Report of Senator Albert B. Fall to the Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations, examining into Mexican affairs ... Partial and ad interim report ...

Manifesto Addressed by General Francisco Villa to the Nation by Pancho Villa

Memorias del General Victoriano Huerta by Victoriano Huerta In Spanish.

President Venustiano Carranza corrects statements made by Senator Knox ... in the Senate. by Venustiano Carranza

Reply of Don Venustiano Carranza to the chief of the Northern division by Venustiano Carranza Thee first chief of the Constitutionalist army, in charge of the executive power, to the Mexican people. Refutation of the manifest of General Francisco Villa.

Report by Venustiano Carranza by Venustiano Carranza, first chief of the Constitutionalist army) in the city of Querétaro, state of Querétaro, Méx., Friday, December 1st, 1916.

The situation in our dealings with General Victorianio [!] Huerta, at Mexico City by United States Address of the President of the United States, delivered at a joint session of the two houses of Congress, April 20, 1914 ...

With the First City Troop on the Mexican border by George Brooke Being the Diary of a Trooper, by George Brooke, 3rd.

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