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Anti-Oppression Resources for UNLV Students: Identity Groups

For UNLV students, or friends or family who want to help.


Identity Groups

Artwork of two persons side by side, looking forward with smiles, behind a banner with the words "La Mission" and with the words "Arte de Mujer Fiera". Next to a quote "In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction. - Audre Lorde"

Dr. Kimberlé Creshaw, legal scholar, originally coined the term intersectionality based on three legal cases involving black women who were subjected to discrimination based on their race and gender. Intersectionality is a concept rooted in critical race theory that critiques structures of oppression that affect the intersecting identities of persons. 

"Intersectionality is a way of understanding and analyzing the complexity in the world, in people, and in human  experiences." and "When it comes to social inequality, people's lives and the organization of power in a given society are better understood as being shaped not by a single axis of social division, be it race or gender or class, but by many axes that work together and influence each other." (Collins, 2016). 

*Collins, P.H., & Bilge, S. (2016). IntersectionalityCambridge, MA: Polity Press. 

UNLV Identity Based Support Groups

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas supports identity based student groups. Because our campus is among the most diverse in the nation we strive to create a welcoming environment and institutional support for all students. To do this the office of Student Diversity & Social Justice sponsors activities, services, and provides community through the support of affinity/identity groups. Learn more about identity programs & events on the Student Diversity & Social Justice site. To learn more about the identity months & weeks and activities associated with those efforts at UNLV read more on the Student Diversity & Social Justice website.

UNLV Student Identity Groups 

Founder of the term Intersectionality, Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw

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