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Communicating Climate Change

Annotated resources for teaching climate change from interdisciplinary perspectives. Contributions are welcomed by the sponsor, NSF EPSCoR, and initial contributors Dr. Y. Houy, UNLV Honors College, and Dr. P. Starkweather, UNLV School of Life Science.

Losing the Lake (interactive online game)

Losing the Lake is an educational game/resource to help users understand why the water levels in Lake Mead have been declining and the relationship with climate change. It also addresses ways to conserve water at home and in the community. The game is designed for the general public and for use in middle-school classrooms (a facilitator's guide is available to assist with classroom use). For more information about the game, contact Dr. Michael Nussbaum at (mn)

Educational Global Climate Modeling (climate modeling software)

This research-grade Global Climate Model (GCM) software works on desktop computers. 30-day trial versions are available:

The Greenhouse Effect (interactive online research-based simulation)

This is one of the educational, interactive, research-based simulations of PhET at the University of Colorado Boulder ( ). Teaching resources, including teaching suggestions by University instructors and high school teachers are available:

Explore Learning Greenhouse Effect Gizmo (interactive online simulation)

This interactive simulation of greenhouse gas effects on heat flow and temperature comes with a teacher's guide:

Randy Russel’s Reviews of STEM Games (website)

This website has an ever expanding list of games and simulations for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. The reviewer, Randy Russel works for the UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) outreach program.

Bill Nye’s Climate Lab (Interactive website)

This information-rich, interactive website designed for teaching about climate change science and mitigation is primarily aimed at K-12 students and their families:

Climate Kids: NASA’s Eyes on the Earth (interactive website)

Climate Kids: NASA’s Eyes on the Earth (interactive website)

The learning materials and games on this NASA site is for a variety of ages, but geared mostly to elementary and middle school children:

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