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COLA 100LA Clemente: Library Guides

Suggestions for your Object Project

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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Mark Lenker
4505 South Maryland Pkwy.
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Interlibrary Loan

Is there a specific item you want, but our library doesn't have it?  Request it for free with Interlibrary Loan.  We will borrow the item from another library and let you know when it arrives.

General Internet Searching

Build your background by reading broadly about your object.

  • Enthusiast websites may give you key terms and historical context for your object.
  • Wikipedia may provide general background about your object, as well as give you ideas for sources to look for (check out the References section).
  • A museum website describing a description or artifact related to your item could be a great source of background info.

Note:  These are not the types of sources that Dr. Clemente has asked you to cite, but building your background with these sources can make your later searches more effective.

Finding Books and Scholarly Articles

Best Bets for Scholarly Articles

Finding Primary Sources

As you read books and articles about your object, look for the primary sources that the author's refer to:  historical magazines and newspapers, letters, diaries, etc.  If you see something that looks promising for your project, ask Mark for help tracking it down.

We also have several databases that give you access to primary sources related to fashion.  Here are some best bets.

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