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CHI 322 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation (Kauffman)

Topic: Death and Dying in Modern Chinese Literature

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Welcome to Modern Chinese Literature in Translation!

What can we learn about the richness and diversity of modern Chinese literature and society from readings about death? How can literature teach us to be more empathetic and informed global citizens? In this course, we will explore these questions by reading and discussing canonical and noncanonical, fictional and nonfictional works of modern Chinese literature. The works of China’s 20th- and 21st-century writers illuminate many of the most significant aspects of modern Chinese society and culture during one of the most tumultuous and traumatic periods in Chinese history. Yet, they also offer valuable insights into universal human problems, experiences, and contemporary issues that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. Through readings, discussions, and a variety of learning opportunities, we will not only gain a deeper understanding of Chinese society and culture, but also grapple in a profound and personal way with questions related to our own mortality and place in the world. This course will also help you develop essential professional and personal skills that will help prepare you for life beyond college and empower you to have a bigger voice in society. 

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