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HIST 406B (Johnson), American West since 1849: Lim, Porous Borders sources

Porous Borders

About Census records

The Decennial Census reports aggregated data in tables. These volumes are available online from the U.S. Bureau of the Census web site (PDFs in zipped format) or IPUMS, the "Integrated Public Use Microdata Series" data repository, in a more flexible format with table of contents and downloadable data. 

Records written down by census takers are sometimes referred to as population schedules or the Manuscript Census. UNLV has microfilmed images of these for several states but not Texas.

Online access is available through and a few other genealogy sites. You can access without a personal subscription on site at Las Vegas-Clark County Library branches.

The National Archives page below has a summary of online availability for population schedules for all censuses and locations. 

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