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PPY 731/781: Fundamentals of Writing Policy Briefs/Doctoral Capstone Course I (Bruner): White Paper Resources

Library, government, and think tank resources to assist with research projects.

White Paper Resources

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a document used to inform readers on a particular topic/issue with the intention of using authoritative knowledge and research to argue for a specific solution.

Standard format of a white paper

  • Abstract - overview of main points
  • Problem Statement - explicitly states the issue the paper will address
  • Background - provides the reader with the background information needed to become familiar with the issue being presented
  • Solution - using the gathered evidence present a solution to the issue
  • Conclusion - summarizes major findings
  • References - list of sources used

Finding White Papers & Policy Briefs: Below are some resources to find a variety of white papers & policy briefs:


Searching for White Papers--On Google and Google Scholar

For Google, I searched: "white paper" and "college readiness"  and tried "white paper" and "college readiness" (to limit my search to only government resources)--and limited it to the last 5 years

On Google Scholar, I searched "white paper" and "college readiness"  and limited it to the last 5 years (See below for examples)


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