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PPY 731/781: Fundamentals of Writing Policy Briefs/Doctoral Capstone Course I (Bruner): Environment/Technology/Government/Military

Library, government, and think tank resources to assist with research projects.

Mike Bernardo-Library Meeting Notes

Policy Issue: Water scarcity/Meeting Water availability needs in Colorado River Basin

  • Shortage looming/declaration

  • Conservation

Needs Help w/Finding the Following Information:

  • Augmentation efforts—water markets w/tribes/other users in Colorado River Basin

  • Interbasin Transfers/Intrabasin/Columbia River Basin; late 1970s-policy proposal; Transfer water from the Columbia River Basin to the Colorado River Basin: 

  • In 1968 Congress declared a ten-year moratorium on any study of diversion of Columbia River water to the Southwest.' (find info about this)**

  • Tribes – In many cases have Senior priority/water rights

  • Tribes want to develop—sell it to Los Angeles/NV

  • What’s the status quo?

    • 2007 guidelines

    • Drought Contingency Plan

    • U.S. Mexico Water Treaty - Minute 319/323

  • Analyzing Policy—How do we go from here?

  • Curtailed Water

  • Political Pressures

  • Augment water supply

  • Existing conservation activities

  • Augmentation & future status quo: shortage—How to  get out of it?

  • Analyze: How do we meet the availability needs?

  • Renegotiate this law

  • Bring it down one more level

Do you know how I can download this journal? **Sent it to you via email 3/14/20

Ryan Yeargin--Library Meeting Notes

  • What is the status quo with Army military construction “MILCON”? 

  • How does MILCON work? What is the process?

  • Identify problems & causes

  • What information is needed?

    • Needs general data: Aerial; unclassified policies; engineers; federal

    • Rules related to military construction

    • Info on; & .mil resources

    • Range of building rules; definitional issues

    • Why does it take 5-8 years to build a gym? (for example)

  • Future: What can we cut to make “MILCON” a quicker process; Construct a building--eliminate red tape; streamlining projects? 


Kris Sanchez-Library Meeting Notes

Policy Focus: Innovating: state IT systems; how we might be able to improve IT NV infrastructure via blockchains.

  • Defining: --file cabinet: each is a block; linked by a chain;--secure way of entering into contracts; file drawers are linked; Ledger==very hard for someone to change a transaction; linked data; very hard to tamper with; decentralized; no one entity

  • Unemployment benefit NV: apply technology; case study

  • Macro: Technology; NV Context;

  • General: Quantitative model 2008

  • Case studies: digital currency

  • Identify: a model from a quantitative standpoint; utilize inputs & outputs

  • Visualize; available infographics

  • **systems analysis course: quantitative model

  • Real world applications

  • NV: organizational chart: how IT is structured in the state

  • Application in blockchain; Why/how the silos exist?

  • --Two major outcomes with blockchains: fraud is eliminated; reduce the cost of administering programs;

  • Pre-pandemic/fiscal

  • Blockchains/IT: How IT as a policy—modernizing indiv bill numbers

  • Roadblocks; how to better position the argument

  • Mapping the status quo

  • What is the current IT network in the state?

  • --Let’s Look at DETR

  • --Legislative

  • --Status quo of block chain

  • --Visual Map: Graph of Different Pieces that Aren’t Connected—Tease out the DETR piece

  • DHHS

  • DMV

  • Business & Industry
    Dept of Ed

  • IT Map of the 8 largest

  • DETR: separate entity; org chart w/that agency—benefits & claims

  • Once we know what’s going on in NV..

  • Highly Technical: LEGAL—Digital Contracts

  • Gov Entity dealing w/Fed Funds to enable a pilot to take place

  • Information Needed: Case Studies? Legislation? What other information?


Joe Bundens--Updated Library Notes & Resources to Help Answer Questions

Two Possible Focus Areas:
1) Improving clean public transportation solutions to further mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate increasing average temperature in Las Vegas and Nevada

2) Expanding solar  and geothermal energy in Nevada, lower greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the negative impacts of rising average temperature in Nevada

#1: Possible resources for your first idea:

#2: Possible resources for your second idea:

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