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PPY 731/781: Fundamentals of Writing Policy Briefs/Doctoral Capstone Course I (Bruner): Education

Library, government, and think tank resources to assist with research projects.

Leticia Wells--Library Meeting Notes

Policy Focus: Educational Disparities for Latino Population in Higher Education

  • Interested in looking @Latino graduation landscape; status quo of things; nationally-equity gaps in Latino college degree completion

  • NV college completion rate: rather low in comparison to the Latino student population in general

  • Need more Latino students to graduate from college

  • Challenges: move forward—see possible solutions;

  • Percentage of Whites, African Americans, Latinos, etc.--graduation rates over time

  • Graduation rates are growing faster: gap is growing: mathematically…How are we looking into the numbers?

  • Percentage-wise: Find Latino-overall numbers

  • Is there a graduation problem in Nevada? What about on a national level? (Nationally: Latino grad rate is 24%; NV: 16 % of Latinos are graduating; 46% of White students are graduating)

  • Yes, it is growing; but it needs to be accelerated to meet the needs of workforce

  • Current efforts in NV to accelerate NV latino grad rates need to be raised; they are insufficient

  • Everything that is being done: High school programs; NSHE system; Federal programs;

  • Historical trends—where we ought to be going

What information & resources still need to be found/investigated: 

  • Are there w/in NV studies & reports about college graduation post secondary completion/graduation?

  • Aside from the Guinn Center, are there studies/reports specifically focused on the Latino population?

  • Does NSHE keep data on attrition rates/transfer rates?

  • Financial Aid in NV?

  • Look into underrepresented student population groups

  • Look into historical figures (the last 20 years)

  • Groups support NV Latino graduation (Programs w/in the state)


Lisa Pacheco--Librrary Meeting Notes

The research I continue to need:

  • Number of Registered Nurses in Nevada
    • The number of nurses in Nevada is available the subset of Registered Nurses and Registered Nurses working in the clinical/bedside workforce is even more elusive. 
  • Number of nurses needed to provide safe care in the population (probably listed in a format like:  X number of nurses per 1000 citizens)
  • Staffing Standards for hospitals (number of nurses per patient)
  • Number of nurses teaching
  • Number of nurses working more than 1 job in Nevada
  • Number of nurses leaving nursing related to pandemic (including death from COVID-19, retirement, suicide, burn out)
  • Financial impact of pandemic on healthcare facilities (hospitals, layoffs?)
  • Number of schools teaching RNs and the type of programs
    • Want to sort by community college, university, private public want both national and Nevada data
    • Want to sort by type of nursing program in the nation
      • Diploma in nursing
      • Associates Degree in nursing
      • Bachelor’s Degree in nursing
      • Master’s degree in nursing
  • Anything noteworthy on one type of education vs another (ex:  diploma vs bachelor’s prepared)
    • Graduation rates
    • NCLEX pass rates
  • Current list of nursing compact states     
    • Any research that supports it works or does not help states staff with nurses
  • Research on quality of care provided by bachelors prepared nurses.  There has long been research demonstrating bachelor’s prepared nurses provide a high quality of care to patients.  I am looking for anything that contradicts this assertion.
  • Nurse Reinvestment Act current progress in US Legislature

Note:  Must decide after research is gathered whether to focus on bedside/clinical nurses if there is enough data or to simply focus on registered nurses. 

Nancy Esposito--Library Meeting Notes

Topic: Student Fees w/in NSHE for Undergraduates

  • Student Retention (Undergrads)

  • Course Fees (besides textbooks):

    • Online education

    • Equipment

    • Needing a laptop 

    • Special programs 

    • Student Success fees 

    • Health Center  

    • Gap Services 

    • Administrative fees 

    • Grad admission 

    • Differential fees 

    • Guest speakers

  • NSHE Challenges w/Fees

    • Big inconsistencies across institutions

    • How they’re assessed; semester basis

    • Charged only once, difficulties w/transparency

    • All of the fees are not labeled the same across NSHE system as a whole 

  • Needs to Find

    • Historical Data on Fees; NSHE current fees previous catalogs; 

    • Demonstrate a trend over 10-20 years

    • Student retention/Student attrition

Resources to Help Answer Above Questions/Bullet Points

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