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PPY 731/781: Fundamentals of Writing Policy Briefs/Doctoral Capstone Course I (Bruner): Foster Care

Library, government, and think tank resources to assist with research projects.

Greg Holloway--Library Meeting Notes

  • Improve grad rates foster care—9th grade; fall behind; make up necessary; highest population in Clark County frequently in lowest performing schools; disturbing trend

  • Specific policy area: Bringing light to this population; Raising the graduation rate; incoming freshmen; identify students; apply the supports; No family/education support; Narrow graduation rates (children in foster care have lower grad rarest than homeless, etc.). Without guidance/improvement--many students end up on public assistance or are incarcerated

  • Freshman year is a crucial time--principal gets assessment, but it’s “watered down”; meets w/counselor, etc. 

  • Modification of IEP (Individualized Education Program)

 Dr. Bruner’s Questions/Feedback:

  • What is the status quo in the Clark County system /foster care?

  • Educational support/networks for foster youth! Who’s there to help them? How many people are there to help them?

  • Need to spell it out--need to know what is going on now

  • What is the big picture of educational networks in foster care?

What Info/Resources Greg Will Need:

  • Community indicators

  • Guidelines for information sharing

  • Info transferred to high school…middle school isn’t going to call the high school if he’s not in trouble

  • Constraints by Law; from info sharing;

  • Rationale for the constraints

  • What they can / can’t do because of law

  • Wants to eventually find evidence -based programs; IEP Beneficial or Holding them Back

  • Progressive Discipline Strategy w/in IEP : Less School Time; Lack of Graduation; Number of Absences

Lawrence Weekly--Library Meeting Notes

Lawrence Weekly PPY 731/781

Policy Issue: African American Males--as they age out of NV foster care

  • African American males lowest statistics in college, etc., many not reunited w/families; one foster home to another;

  • Map: collect data; how to map; disparities in this population

  • Positive/negative impacts

  • Judicial system; JJS; create a graph—disparity

  • Figure out foster care youth – all of NV-statistics, etc. (statewide)

  • National trends—contextual

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Trends in NV

  • What are the aging out resources for everyone? 

  • Resources for African American males

  • Of the African American males aging out, explore these consequences: 

    • Housing

    • Employment

    • Healthcare

    • Mental Health

    • Education

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