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PPY 731/781: Fundamentals of Writing Policy Briefs/Doctoral Capstone Course I (Bruner): Housing

Library, government, and think tank resources to assist with research projects.

Library Meeting Notes/Questions/Resources Needed

Policy Area: Affordable housing for low-income earners in Las Vegas

  • Why affordable housing is necessary?

  • More data? Healthcare, crime, safety, education outcomes

  • Stakeholders: involvement in funding structure

  • Funds that NV has received: Northern NV vs. Southern NV

  • States:  Washington & Utah (examples may be useful)

  • Status quo: What is the current rate of affordable housing for low income people?

  • Homes? Apts? Public housing?

  • Who’s behind this? Legislation?

  • 51-80% of area median income ; spectrum: just below median income;

  • Low income: Just below area median income; not more than 30%

  • Affordable housing upper lower class/lower middle

  • Why is it this way? Why does Las Vegas have such a low # of housing for this group of people?

  • Certain industries?

  • HUD $$ Funds: Tax incentive? What we’ve received over 5 years

  • What is the trend of funds over time & who uses it to build what?

  • Mapping housing funding--Who are the key players?

  • What’s the problem? What’s causing it?

  • 80% here’s how it is & why it is this way

  • Area of expertise: What’s the problem & what’s causing it?

  • Not yet focusing on alternatives/no best practices

Library Meeting Notes/Questions/Resources Needed

Vincent Autiero PPY 731/781

Policy Area: Accessible affordable housing for middle class families in Los Angeles

  • Labor market

  • Data: State Legislation that’s been passed to alleviate problem

  • Local level: Zoning modification changes last 10 years

  • LA Housing Authority (primarily lower income)

  • Middle class income earners don’t have something like the LA Housing Authority

  • Key stakeholders are developers

  • LA Area: private enterprise, permits, master planning, shopping centers

  • Developers & the process; financing component; opponents

  • Dual Role: not too much housing inventory—because it wi’ll drive the prices down

  • Houses: prices of luxury $$$

  • Luxury market is so large--no real shortage, because there’s a market out there. It’s out of range for middle class; investors are often buying. There is a strong shortage in middle class housing

  • Research/Investigating the Following Information:

    • Land scarcity

    • Building costs

    • See how successful: accessory dwelling units (ADUs); turning apartments into houses

    • Add more units

    • Economy—more high tech jobs in the city; high tech & labor force

    • Demand for super expensive? What is the disincentive?

    • Land scarcity is the issue

    • ADU: 3 years—by the State Legislature—Accessory Dwelling Unit (tied to land)

    • Technology based jobs—How do high paying job demographics impact housing prices?


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