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SWK 707: Diversity Issues: SW Practice with LGBT Individuals & Families (Lytel): Library Guides

Resources to assist students in locating scholarly literature on a wide variety of LGBT topics.

Searching for Your Topic

As you begin searching for your topic on Quick Search, library databases, and Google Scholar, remember to search a variety of keywords and synonyms. Also try a wide variety of keyword combinations. 

Let's say you wanted to research LBGT foster care parents. Try to come up with keywords and synonyms, such as the following:

  • LGBT parents
  • gay parents
  • transgender
  • queer
  • foster care
  • discrimination
  • child welfare

Then, think of how you might want to combine the keywords, such as:

  • LGBT parents AND foster care AND discrimination
  • foster parenting AND lesbians
  • gay parents AND foster care placements
  • LGBT OR GAY and foster care




Try UNLV Libraries Quick Search

UNLV Libraries Databases

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) studies is an emerging, rapidly-growing field of scholarship.  The sources listed in this guide offer an entry point to resources that focus primarily on various aspects of LGBT studies. However, because this is an interdisciplinary area of research, relevant materials can be found in a wide range of databases which do not have a specific LGBT studies focus.


Below are several databases that may be useful in searching for scholarly articles related to LBGT topics. Please note: For the EBSCO databases (such as LGBT Life with FullText or Academic Search Premier) you can search for numerous databases at one time.

LGBT History Resources

Google Scholar

You may want to click on Cited By or Related Articles to locate similar articles on your topic.

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