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SWK 736: Advance Standing Integrative Seminar (Owens & Sun): Library Guides

Resources for advanced standing social work graduate students

Choosing a Topic

You will have to narrow down your research topic whether the topic comes from your professor or you choose it yourself. You may know the aspect of a topic you want to research; however, if you need help with this, below are some tips on how to do this.

For example, you have to write a paper on autism; there are various aspects of autism to write about. To narrow down this topic, ask the basic questions:

  • Who? - Race, ethnicity, age, gender, students, etc.
  • What? - Social issues, ethical considerations, medical concerns, discrimination, etc.
  • When? - Historical overview, current developments, future progress, etc.
  • Where? - Regional, nationally, workplace, college, etc.

By applying one or two questions, you can narrow down your topic.

If you are still having trouble narrowing down your topic, search the internet to see what is being discussed. At this point, you are not looking for resources. You are just looking on the web to generate ideas for your research topic

UNLV Research Databases

Social Work-Related Government Information

Government information focusing on social work-related topics is abundant. You can also use Google to find government information. After you type in your keywords, then type in after the keywords to limit to only government information.

Example: foster care

Some federal & state agency websites to get you started:

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