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JOUR 309: Reporting I (Fortini): Library Guides

Resource guide to assist you with course assignments, reporting resources, and fact checking.

Library Starting Points

UNLV Special Collections & Archives

Other Las Vegas Newspapers

Free Online Resources for Journalists

Interviewing Resources

Finding Government Information & Legislation

A quick & easy way to find government information is to Google it! After you type in your keywords, limit to government information by typing in For example:
teen pregnancy statistics
Nevada tobacco usage

Fact-Checking Resources

Opinion Polls

Data & Statistics

New York Times Mapping America:  Every City, Every Block  Mapping tool for race/ethnicity, income, education, housing and families. part of the open government initiative, it allows the public to easily find, download, and use datasets that are generated and held by the Federal Government

Statistical Abstract of the United States 1878-2012 (also called the National Data Book)

FBI Uniform Crime Reports

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)


Entertainment & Popular Culture Resources

The Sahara Hotel

Your Assignment: The Sahara Hotel--history of the hotel, the renaming of it to the SLS and now back to the Sahara brand. 

A few starting points--newspaper archives from the 1950s through present and some suggestions below:

Obituary & Biographical Research

Assignment:  It's your time to write an obituary of a local celebrity or leader. Choose one: Robin Leach, Liberace, Art Bell

Besides investigating Special Collections & local/national newspaper databases, you may want to investigate the following for more info:


Upcoming Second Anniversary of the 1 October Shooting

Assignmnent: Find out about events, ceremonies, and other information related to the upcoming 1 October shooting anniversary, coverage (both local & national) at the time of the shooting, and resources from UNLV Special Collections. 

History of the Las Vegas Residency

Your Assignment: It used to be that celebrities were kind of put out to pasture in Las Vegas as they aged, but now it's a very hip thing to do, to be here and perform. 

Dig deep into the history of the Las Vegas residency--Did it start with Elvis? Liberace? Sinatra? What about residencies in the last 5-10 years on The Strip?

For this assignment, you may very well find some great resources & starting points right on Google--but be sure to check for accuracy!

Also investigate Special Collections & local newspaper archives.


Nevada Legislation--

Investigate the 2017 passage of the law focusing on insulin. In addition to finding the official legislation, investigate how newspapers covered it, in addition to how government agencies responded to this issue (such as the Nevada Dept. of Health & Human Services). Are there meetings or minutes available to the public on this issue?

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