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Getting Started with ArcGIS Online: Home

What is ArcGIS Online?

Built by ESRI, ArcGIS Online (also known as AGOL) is a cloud-based mapping and analysis solution. It allows users to create maps from collected data and then allow them to further analyze, share, and collaborate over their work. ArcGIS Online is accessible on mobile devices. 

How do I access ArcGIS Online?

If you plan on using ArcGIS Online for any academic or research purposes tied to UNLV we recommend you reach out to UNLV IT. They will set you up with an account tied to your UNLV email address which will give you the option of accessing an ArcGIS License.

If you plan on using ArcGIS Online for personal reasons and want to access your content after you've left UNLV, then we recommend you create a public account. Warning- Public accounts cannot join UNLV groups.

Note: This guide was created using the ArcGIS Online release from November 2022.

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