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Mendeley: Welcome and Setting up Mendeley

How to create and use a Mendeley account at UNLV.

Welcome to the online Mendeley "workshops"

Hello, Sue Wainscott here. 

This guide page now contains the materials and information I would normally share in a series of in-person workshops about the citation manager software tool.  On each of the guide tabs, there is a copy of the workshop powerpoint slide deck that I use in these workshops, as well as a series of tutorials, videos, and other information that attempts to replicate what I share in those workshops.  A new workshop has also been added - Mendeley Advanced, Modifying Citation Styles.  Jongyun Jung, from the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine, has prepared a demonstration lecture and slides for this new material.  

Please use these materials to set up your account and set up your library and personal profile. By reviewing and completing these tasks, you will hopefully learn as much as your colleagues who attended earlier in-person workshops.  

UNLV folks may also register for a set of drop-in WebEx meetings where I will be available to answer your questions.  They are scheduled throughout April 2020. Please register by emailing me at from your UNLV email account. 

Once I verify that you have a UNLV email account, I can add your Mendeley account to the UNLV Institutional Edition group.  This will provide you more file storage and an increase in the number of groups you can create and join. 

Anyone is welcome to email me with questions about the Mendeley software tool at any time, and I'll do my best to get you the answers/information you seek.   -Sue


(Content in this box supplements slide 5 in the Mendeley 101 Citation Management slide deck)

Mendeley is a reference manager, academic collaboration network and crowdsourced database with a unique layer of social information research. Mendeley Desktop is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. Mendeley Web functions on all major browsers. Mobile versions of Mendeley are available for Ipad, Iphone and Android devices.  Note, however, that the features allowing you to insert citations as you write require installation and use of the desktop Mendeley software. 

1. Sign up for a Mendeley account here: 

Use your official UNLV email in your Mendeley account preferences to get upgraded storage and other features through our campus-wide subscription.  

2. On your computer, log into Mendeley and locate the small down arrow next to your profile, in the upper right corner. 

showing the Download Mendeley menu option under profile















3. Download and install three things: 

i. Mendeley Desktop

ii. Web Importer

iii. Citation Plugin

screen shot of the Download page showing desktop, web importer, and citation plugin download options

Get Started with Mendeley

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