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HIST 251, Research Methods (Wammack): Readers' guide to periodical literature

List of magazines on microfilm

American libraries
Microfilm reel v.1(1970)-v.37(2006)
American mercury (New York, N.Y. : 1951)
Microfilm reel v.72(1951)-v.116(1980)
Aviation week and space technology 
Microfilm reel v.72(1960)-v.96(1972) 
Microfilm reel v.104(1976)-v.166(2007) 
Business week 
Microfilm reel 1929-1935 
Microfilm reel 1974-2006 
Microfilm reel v.1(1924/1925)-v.51(1950) 
Microfilm reel v.82(1965)-v.85(1966/1967) 
Consumer reports
Microfilm reel v.1(1936)-v.71(2006)
Microfilm reel v.1(1945/1946)-v.30(1974/1975) 
Microfilm reel v.1(1972/1973)-v.2(1973/1974) 
Microfiche v.9(1980/1981)-v.18(1989) 
Microfilm reel v.1(1933)-v.149(2007) 
New Yorker
Microfilm reel v.1(1925/1926)-v.51(1975/1976) 
Saturday Review
Microfilm reel v.35(1952)-v.55(1972)


Microfilm reel v.1(1923)-v.169(2007)


U.S. News and World Report
Microfilm reel v.1(1933)-v.142(2007)

Finding older popular magazine and journal articles

Search for your topic and use the date slider to the left of your search results to find articles from the right era

(if you want to see how people looked up articles before online databases, you can look at these print volumes of the Reader's Guide)

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