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Digital Scholarship@UNLV

This guide will tell you more about UNLV's open access institutional repository, Digital Scholarship@UNLV

How Can Student Work Be Included in Digital Scholarship@UNLV?

Digital Scholarship@UNLV includes selected student scholarly works from coursework, projects, and presentations. 

This section covers projects and papers that are not completed as part of a graduation requirements for graduate students. Graduate students should review the Graduate College requirements and helpful information on completing their theses, dissertations, and doctoral projects.

For all other types of student works, adding them to the repository is a collaborative effort between faculty, Scholarly Communication & Data Services staff, and the student authors. In order to determine whether the student works you are considering adding to the repository are a good fit, please review the following information.

  • The instructor or event organizer must schedule a consultation with the Scholarly Communication Librarian regarding the steps to add student works to the repository before the beginning of the semester in which the class or event will take place. Topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Ensuring each student author will complete the Submission Agreement for the repository
    • Ensuring each student author understands their rights as an author and copyright holder
    • Ensuring that displaying the works in the repository is not a violation of FERPA
    • Ensuring the works are fully accessible at the time of submission
    • Consideration of a course visit or attendance at an event planning meeting by the Scholarly Communication Librarian to provide an overview of the repository, the submission agreement, benefits of sharing scholarship in the repository, related library publishing and research services resources, and a chance to address student questions or concerns.
    • Selecting an agreed upon date by which the materials will be received
    • Agreeing upon metadata that will accompany or be included on the works to add (such as title, date of creation/publication, all co-authors and other contributors, primary author contact information, related class or UNLV event, a description of the course or event to provide context)

Contact Andrea Wirth at with questions or to request a consultation.

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