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JMS 710: Graduate Journalism and Media Studies (Burroughs): Fall 2020 Thesis Topics

Resources in JMS for new graduate students

Gabi: Cause-related marketing and philanthro-journalism position and create messaging for profit in often unethical/untruthful ways. I would like to learn more about how messaging affects profit for organizations, how messages are framed, and how vulnerab

Cristal: Pandemics

how pandemics have affected the different mass media outlets such as radio, news, televisions and other sorts of that nature. I want to also propose the question if pandemics is something the world should have been more prepared for since everything we do is now through media and online sources. I don’t know if this makes my thesis sound too busy, but this seemed the most appropriate for my research. If you have any resources that may be helpful for my research I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance! 


covid-19 and "mass media" and "united states"

covid-19 and "social media" and "united states"

pandemic and "mass media"

pandemic and "mass media" and "united states"

pandemic and media


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) within media and why it shy-rocketed into the popular media such as magazines (W magazine), super bowl commercials, and even on other social media platforms. I’d like to study how people (those who have and have not heard about it) view it and if the media has damaged the image of what ASMR is used for. Is it sexualized? How is it affecting our interpersonal relationships? What was ASMR before it was ASMR and did people know about it? 

ASMR and magazines

ASMR and social media

ASMR and sexualization

ASMR and interpersonal relationships

Naomi-Various Topics

1. Minority women/women in Sports Journalism (treatment, pay)  

Keywords: women and sportscasting and minorities

women and sportscasting and treatment

women and sportscasting and equality


2. The spread of misinformation on social media during BLM and the pandemic (being able to spread wrong information with ease and its effects) 

social media AND "black lives matter" and misinformation

social media and pandemic (or COVID-19) and misinformation

3. The medias attitude toward Colin Kaepernick before and after the death of George Floyd (BLM movement) 

Colin Kaepernick and George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

Sean-Various Topics

One topic that I am interested in pursuing is how Las Vegas is going to be affected by COVID-19 in terms of the entertainment industry. I read an article recently that confirmed the show "Le Reve" is permanently closed due to the ongoing pandemic. I found this both fascinating and scary, as I knew that the landscape of entertainment shows on the Las Vegas strip is going to vastly change. I would want to know what type of people visit Las Vegas to see performances on the strip, what casinos are hurting the most due to the closure of shows, and how Las Vegas will rebrand itself once it becomes more safe for people to visit. 


Another topic that I am interested in pursuing is the idea of physical media dying. More specifically, since more and more people are streaming media, how long is it going to take before DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, vinyl records, and even video game discs become a thing of the past? While I am aware that this is an extremely broad topic, I want to focus on both the current sales trend of physical media, as well as survey people who consume media. 

Alexa: dating apps


Having dating apps increased the amount of successful relationships, and what do people define as successful? (Marriage, longterm relationship, casual encounter, or date?)
Have dating apps increased impulsivity when making choices/ taking risks?
How do dating apps affect one’s self-presentation and self-esteem?
How have dating apps affected the LGTBQ community?
What impact has Covid-19 created for dating culture and how have dating apps responded to that?

Keywords: dating apps

mobile dating

internet dating
dating culture

online dating

online dating services

dating apps and choices (and risks and impulsivity_

dating apps and self-presentation

dating apps and self-esteem

dating apps and LGBTQ

dating apps and Covid-19

Charles: earning for students via online using zoom. Grades 1-12.

Possible keywords:


remote learning 



online education


Combining the above keywords, such as: Zoom AND remote learning AND K-12 AND COVID-19

Adding keywords/synonyms after you decide on how you might want to narrow your search.

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