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URST 442: Brookings: Metropolitan Policy (Saladino): Research Starting Points--Fall 2020

Resources for upcoming course projects


  1. Substance abuse in Southern Nevada
  2. Food Insecurity Among Children in Las Vegas
  3. The CCSD Digital Divide
  4. The Culture of Policing in Las Vegas
  5. VA Disability Claim Process in Las Vegas
  6. CCSD Graduation Rates
  7. Homeless Youth in the Las Vegas Metro
  8. The Nevada Live Entertainment Tax Structure (County Carve-Out Taxes)
  9. Housing & Rental Affordability in Southern Nevada
  10. The Criminalization of Homelessness in Las Vegas
  11. Childcare Access in Las Vegas
  12. Adequate Education for CCSD Special Needs Students
  13. CCSD Teacher Diversity
  14. Suburban Sprawl of the Las Vegas Valley
  15. The Urban Heat Island Effect of Las Vegas
  16. Inadequate Resources for Autistic Children in Las Vegas

The Nevada Live Entertainment Tax Structure (County Carve-Out Taxes)

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