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PBH 202/HCA 202: Library Instruction

Course guide to support PBH202/HCA202 Introduction to Epidemiology.

Library Workshop Questions

1. Can you use RefWorks & Scopus after you graduate?

Yes, you can use RefWorks. Unfortunately, you are unable to use Scopus remotely after you graduate, however, you can use Scopus if you come into the library. We have a few dedicated library computers that we make available to the public to access our some of our paid resources.

2. Where can I locate databases specifically on health law & public health laws?

I recommend navigating to our All Library Databases link from the main page of the University Library website. Look for the list of Subjects and select Law. From this link, you will see the Best Bets! use the listed resources to locate law-related resources. If you need further assistance, please visit our library to meet with a librarian.

3. I still don’t understand how to important sources one at a time from Google Scholar.

Please take a close look at the instructional PowerPoint slides there are step-by-step instructions on the slides to help you with importing from Google Scholar into RefWorks. If you find that you still need help, please reach out to schedule an appointment.


Adding Google Scholar Library Links

To add Google Scholar Library Links when searching off campus follow these instructions: 

First login to your Google Account

1. Click the Settings gear icon 

2. Select Library Links 

3. Search for University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

4. Check the boxes for University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries and University of Nevada-Las Vegas Libraries - UNLV Find Text

5. Save your settings.

Now when you search Google Scholar off-campus you will see UNLV Find-Text content linking you back to the University Library.  

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